The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Nearly 6 years have passed since this man's original awesome acknowledgement. Like a fine wine, some of us improve with age, and this is certainly the case for Andrew. You will recognize him by the giant smile on his face as he walks through the doors of UB. Andrew will be the first one to invite you to partner for a WOD, and the loudest cheerleader as you finish the last grueling reps of your workout. Don't be fooled by his silver hair, Andrew is a bright-eyed kid at heart, filled with fresh perspective and curiosity. Since the beginning, he has been an active participant in all things UB, from The House Cup, to local team competitions, and holiday parties. A better man, you could not have on your team. If you don't know Andrew, you should. Your day will be a little sunnier for it. 


Name: Andrew W.

Nickname / Alter Ego: oh… so many. For the purposes of UB, Silverback. 

Hometown:  Montreal Canada, calice! 

Occupation: Propagandist

When did you first start CrossFitting? Considering the skill level i have, way too long ago. It's got to be over 6 years now...

Favorite Movements: Anything in moderation (but nothing in CrossFit is moderate). 

Least favorite Movements: Anything in excess (but nothing in CrossFit is excessive).

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit?  About 8 years ago I crashed a motorcycle and suffered a spinal injury. Before the accident I was in terrible shape: i wasn’t exercising, i was out partying most nights and i was overweight. 9 weeks of bed rest acted as a sort of detox (no alcohol with pain killers and lots of fresh food) and i lost 15 pounds. At the same time, the spinal surgeon wasn’t sure about how the injury would effect motor functions. Rather than leave things to chance I decided to start exercising with the dual goals of skiing that winter and giving myself the best chance i could of recovery long term. 

In researching exercise programs I saw some crossfit videos which immediately elicited the response of “that’s-insane-I-could-never-do-that!"

About 6 months of hard work later I thought “that looks like fun. i CAN do that!"

What is an unexpected way CrossFit has affected your life? When I started crossfit I noticed that my performance in any workout was significantly worse if i smoked within 2 hours before the workout. So I started planning cigarettes around my workout. Which meant i was ending meetings early, coming to them late or doing all sorts of other compensatory behaviors to make that cigarette happen. 

It was disruptive and something needed to change. So, after 20+ years with never any desire to quit, I willingly quit smoking. 

So - CrossFit changed my priorities which led to forming new habits (exercise) that replaced old ones (smoking)

What is your next goal? In fitness? In Life? As I get older and creakier, my workouts need to change. I’m starting focus much more on mobility and metabolic conditioning and less on moving maximum weight. 

What inspires you? Everybody. People are freaking amazing. 


What question do you wish you were asked more often and what is the answer? I prefer to ask the questions. But I never get to show this photo, so…

What’s your secret talent? I can pick out a Canadian out of a crowd. 

What is your biggest phobia? Snakes. So being a Mamba in the house cup last year is ironic, no? 

Pick a superpower? Mind reading. But en masse…like whole populations. The collective conscious (I’m a propagandist, remember). 

What is the first song in your favorite playlist right now? Ain’t talking ‘bout love - Van Halen

What is your favorite meal?
Steak. A really well cooked steak.