House Cup Scoring: the Nitty Gritty

The House Cup is almost upon us!  February 22nd is the announcement of the first WOD of the 2018 CrossFit Open and the beginning of the 3rd Annual UB House Cup.  Rally your teams!

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 11.56.52 AM.png

With every House Cup, we want to continue to hone in on fun ways for teams to score points.  Here's all the ways you can help your team secure this year's coveted spot on the trophy:

  • Participation - (31 points per team) - Before the open begins, your captain will collect a head count of who will be able to participate in the open each of the 5 weeks.  (Remember, athletes can complete that week's WOD anytime between Thursday @5pm - Monday @5pm).   Each week, teams get a % of 20 points equal to the percent of your team that participates in any given week compared to the head count.  If your team has 100% participation for any given week, they earn the additional 10 bonus points, coming to a total of 31 points. (e.g. If "The Ultimates" have 26 people on their team, but only 25 could participate that week.  Of the 25, only 20 participate.  "The Ultimates" get 16 points that week) *Note: The House Cup will end on the Friday of 18.5. This means in order to get your participation points for the house Cup, you need to complete 18.5 by Friday, March 23rd)
  • Top 5 RX Athletes - (15 points available) - 5 points for the top placing athlete, 4 for the second placer, 3 for the third, and so forth through the top 5 RX male and female athletes
  • Top 5 Scaled Athletes - (15 points available) - 5 points for the top placing athlete, 4 for the second placer, 3 for the third, and so forth through the top 5 scaled male and female athletes.
  • Spirit of the Open - (up to 15 points available per week) - This year the spirit of the open points will be designated to individuals who show exemplary efforts during that week.  This could be someone who really stretched themselves and tried a WOD RX.  It could be a person who judged and cheered their heart out.  It is any individual who you think should get special recognition.  That's right - this year, "the spirit of the open" points will be nominated by YOU. (info on how to do this soon)
  • #UBHouseCup - (9 points per team) - Each team can earn 9 points by posting a related photo to Instagram with all three hashtags: #UBHouseCup #[yourteamnamehere] #UnitedBarbell AND tagging your location to United Barbell. 1 point per post, up to 3 points possible, and posts must come from 3 different people (cannot be the captains).
  • Complete the Judge's Course **AKA How you can score points before the Open begins!** - (5 points per athlete) - 5 points will be awarded to any athlete who shows proof of completing the online CrossFit Open Judge's Course.  If the course is completed before the open begins, the athlete earns 5 points.  If the course is completed in the first 3 weeks after the open begins, the athlete earns 3 points.  There are no points for completing the course in the 4th & 5th weeks.
  • Head to Head Challenge - (2 points per challenge) - Think you will beat an athlete on the next workout?  Each athlete can challenge 1 athlete on another team to go "head to head". If the other athlete accepts the challenge (before either athlete does the workout), then the winning athlete can earn 2 points for their team. Athletes are limited to challenge 1 athlete per week but can accept as many challenges per week as they wish (e.g. if in one week Chad challenges Jeremy M. and Jeremy accepts.  Meanwhile Chris C. and PJ also challenge Chad and Chad accepts. Chad is now taking on 3 head to head challenges that week).