Meet Your Coach: Jon H

Continuing our series, our latest is on our Level 2 Overlord and badass resident personal trainer, Jon Hanna. Since joining the staff at UB, he's been busy inspiring us to be our best selves, always!


How long have you been exercising?

Since I was 5 or 6. I always loved basketball, baseball,  and football. I was an avid snowboarder and skater and still am, and in high school I was a competitive distance runner. My favorite distances were the Mile(4:25) and 800m run(2:00.01)

What is your work out program? 

I currently follow Thrivestry Competition Programming from Jeremy Jones

Do you play sports? 

These days I stick to Crossfit, longboarding, snowboarding, and the occasional run.



If you could share just one piece of knowledge to someone just starting out in their fitness journey what would it be? 

"Be consistent in your diet and effort, follow a coach you trust and listen to them only."

Do you eat a specific diet?

I follow renaissance periodization year round.  

How often do you train? 

6 days a week, once a day. 

How often in training do you hit a new PR or acquire a new skill?

Once every couple months, that period continues to get longer. 

What do you find contributes to your fitness the most?

I'm very consistent with my diet and I always complete my programming. I've always attacked my weaknesses first and have turned some of them into strengths. 


What is your next strength /fitness/skill goal to be achieved?

 Squat 400lbs. Clean 300lbs. 

What is your pie-in-the-sky health/ fitness/skill goal?

Clean and Jerk 300lbs and Snatch 225lbs at Rite of Passage in November 2018. 


Have you ever been injured? How did you move past it? 

Yes. Fortunately nothing long term. I always continue to do the exercises I can and I stick with my regular workout schedule and diet throughout the injury.