Meet Your Coach: Sam

He's a busy bee but can be found coaching our evening SWOD class, or working out with the intensity of a meteor hitting the earth - that's right, he works out hard enough to wipe out dinosaurs. Meet Sam!


How long have you been exercising? 

I've been doing CrossFit for almost eight years - I started in the garage of my apartment building in college, and then moved to a gym. Before that I didn't work out much. I played sports growing up but wasn't very good, and stopped during high school and college. 

What is your work out program?

I work with a Coach from OPEX - Mike Lee. He programs for me, and I follow it almost perfectly. Everyone once in a while I hope in and do a workout with my friends - gotta keep it fun

Do you play sports?

I play golf, and am always down to jump into a pickup football game! 

Do you eat a particular diet or follow a specific diet philosophy?

I avoid dairy, and try to avoid gluten. I keep my carbs relatively low as well.  

How often do you train?

I have five full trainings sessions a week, one recovery day, and one rest day. 

How often in training do you hit a new PR or acquire a new skill?

Rarely! When I first started CrossFit I PR'd all the time, but now they're few and far between. Adding 5-10 LBS to a lift is a huge accomplishment these days! I find that I spend more time working on refining my skills and increasing efficiency. 

What do you find contributes to your fitness the most?

Sleep! Seriously, increasing my sleep and sleep hygiene has  been a game changer for me! It makes a huge impact on my training and my overall quality of life. 


If you could share just one piece of knowledge to someone just starting out in their fitness journey what would it be?

"Be entirely present in the gym when you're there - work smart, work hard, and ask questions. It'll pay off! "


What is your next strength /fitness/skill goal to be achieved?

I'm currently rehabbing a knee injury, so I'd like to be able to squat heavy comfortably!  

What is your pie-in-the-sky health/ fitness/skill goal? Also known as a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

I'd like to go on a team to regionals.  

Have you ever been injured? How did you move past them?

I have! I tore my medial meniscus in my left knee in a few places in January of 2017. I had surgery last summer, and have taken a long time to carefully rehab it and resolve some movement faults that were leading to increased stress on my knee.