Meet Your Prom Queens!

Thank you so much to all of you who came and made our UB Prom a spectacular event!  A special thanks to our lead decorator DIY extraordinaire, Loryn and her team Gail, Gabi and Adrian, as well as to the rest of our prom committee Anita, Courtney, and Lauren who helped us get the best vendors for the job.  It was a great evening celebrating our community and a great cause. 

For those of you who weren't there and are new to our community, we have a tradition at our anniversary party to name the Ambassadors of Awesome.  These are individuals who have stepped up to be pillars of our community and who embody what it means to be #ubstrong inside and out.  They are passionate about their athletic journey, making gains and setting goals.  They go to events and take time to make the new UB kids on the block feel welcome.  Simply put, they ooze awesome.  Over the years we have built quite the ambassador roster: Jon S. and Kelly F. (2011), Andrea S./Rachael C. and Sean F./Steve W. (2012), Jason L. and Nikki S. (2013), Charles C. and Joanna G.  (2014), as well as Chris C. and Hayley B. (2015).  It is quite an awesome group!

This year, since we were at the prom, we named our Ambassadors as UB royalty!  So, without further ado, I present to you our 2016 UB Prom Queens: Anita H. and Loryn F!


Anita and Loryn have stood out to our staff all year as being a little extra awesome.  Anita is a regular smiling face in the morning crowd.  When she decided to buckle down and work on her gains via taking on Barbell WOD programming, she still managed to be a part of the community and offered welcoming greetings for new UBites.  She challenges herself by participating in competitions and has really pushed after her goals.  Meanwhile, rotating #anitadoodles have become a beloved fixture in the gym that every member and coach look forward to and treasure.  Anita's doodles, attitude, and dedication from from a place of passion and love... the feeling is mutual!

This Loryn was a 2016 UB House Cup captain, a Summer Slam face/body painter and fabulous prom decorator.  This alone is already wonderful, but what makes Loryn a little extra special is she did all of this after getting injured during the CrossFit Open.  Loryn's dedication to the UB community is so fierce that she found ways to contribute despite not being able to physically play.  Meanwhile she has displayed unwavering commitment to having the best recovery possible by regularly coming into UB doing work and PT on her own.  Loryn - we are so excited to see you almost back at 100%.  Thanks for continuing to share the love in the meantime!


Your Newest Ambassadors

If you haven't been to one of our anniversary parties, you may not be aware of a very important tradition.  Each year we name one male and female our ambassadors of awesome.  These are individuals who have shown up over the last year.  They are consistent in attendance.  They are active in the community.  They exemplify our vision of what we wanted to create for people when we opened UB. 

So who was our 5th year's awesome lady and gent?  Let's take a moment to celebrate Hayley and Chris C.

Our Ambassadors got demonbell kettlebells to commemorate the occasion.

Our Ambassadors got demonbell kettlebells to commemorate the occasion.


It won't surprise you that Hayley has been dedicated from the start.  What might surprise you is that Hayley took some convincing to put some weight on her bar.  Hayley is consistent, coachable, courageous, determined, passionate, and brings out the best of those around her.  She will be your partner in class, your teammate in a competition, or just simply be your competition in class (with a smile and laugh) -- whatever the situation calls for.  Her determination is inspiring ladies and gents alike.  She is the kind of woman who declares all she wanted for her birthday was a muscle up - and then does the work to get it (3 days before her birthday)!  Since we've known her, Hayley has grown as an athlete, community member, and individual.  And what's exciting to us is her dedication to continue growing. 

Hayley's 5th Muscle Up


If you've been in a room with Mr. Comma, you probably knew it by the sound of his echoing laughter.  Chris is the kind of person who puts 100% passion into everything he does.  UB is no different.  Chris has made a point to not only join our community, but to entrench himself with all things UB.  He is the first to cheer you on in a WOD and assure you you can do it all day.  He is the first to strike up a conversation with a nervous looking newbie and assure them the coaches will go easy on them.  He is probably even the guy that gave you your CrossFit nickname.  His love for all things "CrahssFit" is inspiring and catching (you've seen us refer to his mom more than once!).   This man might be the king of nicknames, but it's clear to us how he earned the name "the governor."

We hope these two inspire you just as much as they do us!  Want to be a UB Ambassador?  Bring on your A Game!

UB Storytime: Kelly F

When we asked for you, our dear athletes, to offer up testimonials for our site, we had no idea what a tremendous response we would get in return.  Your stories did tell of your successes, but they also told great tales of personal travails and triumph.  We were so moved by what you had to say, we wanted to not only showcase you on our site, but also give you an  acknowledgement from us to you. If you haven't shared your story but would like to, please email us!  

So here is the first story we received - a story from our first lady Ambassador of Awesome, Kelly F!

The short of it: United Barbell has changed my life.


34 years old / Law / Joined UB August 2010

I hated PE when I was a kid.  I always failed miserably at the Presidential Fitness Test. I thought I'd never be able to do a pushup or a pull-up, nor did I think I'd ever want to. I thought I was doing right by myself by hitting the elliptical, and the occasional “body conditioning” and spinning classes, but I could never lose weight.

Enter CrossFit and the coaching at United Barbell. The coaches at UB have the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to have taken a total amateur like me, with a timid and ill-advised attitude toward fitness, and changed everything I thought about my body and what it can do.  I was essentially starting from scratch and I never once during class felt left out or inferior to those who are experienced crossfitters.  Each workout can be scaled and adapted to any fitness level and when you're just starting out, this is crucial to avoid injury and well, to get you to keep walking through that door.  The gym itself is spacious and the well-maintained equipment is top of the line and plentiful! The variety of class types and class times can accommodate anyone’s schedule. 

Since starting from Day 1 of UB in August, 2010, I have FULLY transformed my body and made it the machine I never thought it could be. I have made unbelievable strength and endurance gains. Crossfit gave me a solid foundation of fitness for a healthy, active lifestyle of cycling and cyclocross racing. I have a completely different attitude towards fitness and how I live my life. Most importantly, I’m eternally grateful for the community United Barbell has created. And hey, in 2010 I met my (now) husband at UB!

These pants used to fit!

These pants used to fit!

Ambassadors of Awesome

If you have never been to a UB anniversary party, we have a special tradition that only happens once a year - we name our annual Ambassadors of Awesome. These folks are individuals who, over the previous year have not only been dedicated athletes, but have become pillars of the community. They are passionate about their athletic journey, making gains and setting goals. They go to events and take time to make the new UB kids on the block feel welcome. They exude awesome. Over the years we have had many amazing ambassadors:

Year 1

Kelly F & Jon S in Year 1. Jon went on to become a UB coach.

Year 2

Andrea S, Rachael C, Sean F, and Steve W. Steve also became a UB coach!

Year 3

Jason L & Nikki S. Nikki is now our office manager and currently in training to become a coach.

Congratulations to our 2014 Ambassadors of Awesome: Charles C and Joanna G!

Our winners of the year 4 ambassadors of awesome are equally fantastic individuals. Charles C and Joanna G both stood out to all of the coaches over the last years as exceptionally awesome. While Joanna will be the first person to introduce herself to you and make you feel welcome, Charles will be the person doing extra reps at the end of a workout so you don't have to finish a WOD alone. They both are pushing themselves to grow as athletes (ask Charles about his new Oly certification or Jo about her Coach In Training Program) and still have big goals they are striving for. They have become champions of the UB family and we are so excited to see how they continue to grow both in and outside of the UB walls! Joanna and Charles - hats off to you both! It's an honor!