Jay Itagaki - Massage Therapist


Tuesdays 3:30pm - 8:00pm

Jay Itagaki, a competitive olympic weightlifter, is an experienced massage therapist at Kinetic Chain Sport in Pleasanton with a focus on athletes. Similar to ART, Jay's deep tissue massage has been a lifesaver to many United Barbell athletes dealing with pain or limited range of motion.

60 minutes: $110
30 minutes: $55

Contact Jay via email or text (510) 290-1622 to schedule your session.

Dr. Anthony Gustin - Chiropractic


Wednesdays 6:20am - 9am

Dr. Gustin is trained in functional movement assessment (SFMA) and the gold standard in soft tissue treatment for dysfunctional tissue (A.R.T.). They are able to help you reduce pain and improve whole body movement and function. 

The thorough examination and treatment, alongside a custom rehabilitative exercise program, will assist you in reaching your health goals and get you back to moving better and feeling better. The doctors align their treatment and rehab with the coaches of United Barbell in a team approach to allow you to reach your peak state of health and performance.

40 Minute New Patient Visit: $149
20 Minute Follow Up Session: $79