The United Barbell Coach In Training (CIT) program is a three month program that aims to provide CrossFit Level 1 certified athletes with the knowledge and experience to coach in class and one-on-one environments.

Program Requirements

  • All prospective CITs will be vetted by staff.

  • Must be part of the UB community or referred by a UB community member.
  • Must have a current CrossFit Level 1 certificate.
  • Must have current First Aid and CPR/AED certificates.
  • Maximum 3 CITs per 3 month program.

Shadowing Classes - minimum 20 hours

Each CIT must shadow at least 5 classes with each Jenny, Olivia, James, and Trent. CITs are responsible for scheduling their shadow classes with each coach. CITs must check the programming and ensure they are seeing each coach teach a different type of class, such as:

  • Gymnastics focused
  • WOD that requires broad scaling (HSPU, MU, etc)
  • Oly class
  • SWOD (Strength class)

CITs are encouraged to assist running the class and ask questions of the coach unless it is disruptive to do so. CITs will have the opportunity to learn cues, form corrections, and scaling, as well as time and class management strategies, and encouragement techniques.

Supervised Coaching - minimum 10 hours

Following completion of the 20 hours of shadowing classes, CITs must teach 10 classes with assistance and supervision by a UB coach. It is up to the CIT to arrange with the coach to supervise their classes.

Feedback will be given directly after class ends and the CIT is expected to ask questions and learn from constructive criticism given by the coach and athletes.

CITs must check the programming and teach a variety of class types including at least one Olympic lifting focused WOD and one gymnastics focused WOD. CITs must teach at least four morning classes, two noon classes, and four evening classes. At least one of these classes must be supervised by each Jenny, Olivia, Trent, and James.

Demo Class

At the end of the three month session, each CIT in the program will have the opportunity teach a class of up to 10 athletes including UB coaches,  their fellow CITs, and UB athletes. This class will be unassisted, however coaches may intervene if necessary. 

The CIT is responsible for programming the class, offering scaling suggestions, and making sure the class runs on-time and in an organized fashion. The class is expected to include a thoughtful warm up, a work out, and a cool down.

The class will be followed with a short critique in which feedback and constructive criticism will be given by the athletes.

CITs will be compensated for these classes at $15 per class which can be contributed towards membership costs or paid on the 1st of the following month.

Coaching Opportunities

While we do not guarantee that graduating CITs will have coaching opportunities at UB or any other CrossFit affiliate, we do sometimes have openings and those who have completed our CIT program will be considered for full time, part time, and substitute coaching, as well as personal training at UB.

We will also provide references if you seek work at other CrossFit affiliates or health clubs. Please be aware that we will give an honest evaluation of your skills to anyone who asks.

Work Exchange Program

We offer an optional work exchange program which can be taken in tandem with the CIT program for those who wish to contribute their time and effort instead of money in exchange for classes at UB.

To Apply

If you meet the program requirements and would like to apply to be a CIT, please email with the date you took your Level 1 and CPR/AED + First Aid training, and let us know why you think you’d be a good candidate for the program.