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Art of Power Chinese Weightlifting Seminar

Art of Power Chinese Weightlifting Seminar Registration is live!

United Barbell has teamed up with FuBarbell to bring Wu Chuanfu to the United States in an unprecedented opportunity to learn from and train under the Singapore National Olympic Coach!

There's 26 spots available for each day, so don't snooze on this!


The logistics and cost to bring Coach Wu Chuanfu and his staff to the United States is high. He would prefer to work with the same clients, athletes, and coaches both days as that would maximize the amount of benefit each student will receive. As a result he's offering a special deal for those looking to learn both the concepts of Chinese weightlifting AND have a full day of putting those theories and concepts to work!

Weekend Price: $600 - Register here.  Single Day Price: $300. Register here.

LEVEL 1 - SATURDAY; 9:00AM - 4:30PM

Understanding the Chinese weightlifting methodology with Coach Chuanfu.

In this intensive one day Seminar and Workshop, you will be taught key concepts and approaches of the Chinese weightlifting methodology. This information has rarely been taught outside of Eastern Asia to this point.

Topics Covered

1. General Theory Session

  • Understanding Olympic Weightlifting

  • The Chinese weightlifting methodology

  • Weightlifting technique and mechanics

  • Learning how to use the legs

  • How to find the correct positions

  • The concept of balance

  • The importance of “feeling” and “pleasure” in movement (proprioception)

  • The Back Squat: Optimal movement, tempo, power, and application to weightlifting.

2. Snatch 

  • Accurate First Pull, How to use the Lats & Quads

  • Common errors in the Full Extension, High Pull & Balance

  • Supporting the weight

  • Control of Tempo/Speed/Explosiveness

  • Coach Wu’s Demonstration

  • Trainees Demonstration with 1-1 technical analysis

3. Clean & Jerk

  • The importance of controlling the “lats” and expanding its power

  • Cleans in Parts (1st pull, 2nd pull, full extension, catch, drive)

  • Chuanfu "C" cleans

  • The racking system

  • Detailed Explanation of Jerks (Dips, Push, Power, Squat, Split)

4. Front Squat

  • Why are the front squats so important?

  • How to optimize front squats

  • Explosiveness and Tempo

  • Stride jerks

  • Coach’s Demonstrations

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Art of Power Chinese Weightlifting Seminar