Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a visiting experienced CrossFitter. Can I drop in?

Whether you're passing through San Francisco, or looking to make a home at United Barbell, we welcome experienced CrossFitters. If you are already proficient in the basic movements, you may drop in to any All Levels class on our schedule. Here's what you need to do:

  • Book your space in class. The drop-in fee is $30.
  • Fill out our online waiver before you arrive.
  • If you wish to shower, please bring a towel.

We look forward to meeting you!

I'm an experienced athlete, just not a CrossFitter. Do I need to take the Onramp?

Most likely the answer is yes. We require the onramp to ensure you can perform the basic movements CrossFit utilizes safely and effectively - both for you and the rest of the class.

Can you squat, deadlift, press, snatch, clean & jerk with excellent form? Are you competent in basic gymnastic movements? Then you are a candidate for testing out.