Group Classes

Our classes run seven days a week - six all-levels classes per weekday, two on each weekend morning.

Specialty classes, such as Olympic Lifting, United Strength (Weightlifting) and Competitors classes, are sprinkled throughout the week. Visit the schedule for full details.

Before joining classes, we ensure all athletes are able to participate safely by completing the UB Onramp, putting us in touch with their previous CrossFit affiliate, or testing out. More information here!

To get started with CrossFit, enroll in an upcoming Onramp!

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Intense, effective, and fun - this is what CrossFit is all about. Our All Levels classes can be scaled to accommodate day 1 beginners to competitive athletes. Our group classes all include a guided warmup, thorough attention to form, and cameraderie for days.

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Olympic Lifting

Geared to newbies and seasoned lifters alike, our dedicated coaches focus on technique, drills, and assistance exercises as well as the classic Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Athletes have the chance to max out at mock meets as well as compete on the team at local and national meets.

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United Strength (SWOD)

Great for those looking to add foundational strength, SWOD is a powerlifting-focused hour that incorporates squatting, bench press, deadlifts, as well as assistance exercises for superior strength and stability. 



Coming in September 2019!
Mindset and mental performance is not only part of CrossFit but daily life.  This class is for athletes looking to cultivate a meditation practice and to understand how mind training techniques can unlock peak performance.  Commitment to a regular practice is essential.