House Cup 2018

The 2018 House Cup is here! Each week, we will tally the points and display the house that is in the lead, as well as profile the Spirit of the Open for that week, and any highlights we have collected. You can send any photos or video to, and remember, you can earn Social Media Points by tagging anything you post on Facebook or Instagram with #ubhousecup.





Too Fit To Quit:



The Black Mamas:


The Ultimates remain in the lead. They gained the most points for RX & Scaled finishers, tied attendance with Mambas, but won most of the challenge points, as well as Spirit points for Christine C's big-hearted performance in 18.3.

Too Fit gained the most points for 18.3 but couldn't close the gap to the Ultimates. They gained just two less points for RX and Scaled finishers than the Ultimates, but with no spirit points and fewer challenge winners, they're going to have to try harder to catch up!

Mambas making a comeback with spirit points for both Cameron and Adrien. They lagged behind in challenges and attendance for 18.3. If only there were more social media points up for grabs! They nail that arena. Come on Mambas!

Every week, nominate your vote for Spirit of the Open. You can vote for as many people as you want, your house-mates, or anyone else you feel brought positive energy to the House Cup!


Workout 18.3

2 rounds for time of:
100 double-unders
20 overhead squats
100 double-unders
12 ring muscle-ups
100 double-unders
20 dumbbell snatches
100 double-unders
12 bar muscle-ups

Time cap: 14 minutes

Week three: 18.3

Ow, my ego! Unlike last week's twin tests, improvement on retest may be elusive with this high skill test of endurance. How are your doubles? Muscle ups? Bar muscle ups? If they're not on point, you better hope you have pull ups, because even the scaled version of 18.3 is tough.

Placers (15 pts per category)

RX Women
Gill Pressman
Whittney Tom
Hayley Beauchamp
Loryn Ferreira
Austin Wilt

Scaled Women
Amy Raimundo
Michelle Lovejoy
Valerie Ernst
Katie Hering
Kim Cook

RX Men
Royal Addis
Austin Ivans
Nikhil Sriraman
Jon Hanna
Patrick Bedwell

Scaled Men
Bernardo Pericacho
John Yong
Anton Yurchenko
Sam Whittington
Andrew Walter

Spirit Points (15 pts total)

This week's spirit points were split between:

Christine C. for an inspiring 18.3 struggle.
Adrien C. for his Mamba hype vids.
Cameron S. for his tutu & relentless positivity.

Special shout out to Quinn for his gorgeous 18.3 vid, Patrick for the Mambafication of the gym, and Whittney for her WOD repeat that inspired the hell out of us all.

Curious how this is decided? The votes for Spirit of the Open play the biggest part. The votes are compiled into one big sheet of love... and you can see it here!

Challenges (2 pts each)

Nathalie vs. Christine
Paul vs. Neil
Alfredo vs. Max
Adrian vs. Dave
Sachin vs. PJ
Patrick vs. Marshall
Johnny vs. Chris
Whittney vs. Gill
Cam vs. Loryn
Kim vs. Michelle


18.2 & 18.2a

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps for time of:
Dumbbell squats
Bar-facing burpees

Workout 18.2a
1-rep-max clean

Time cap: 12 minutes to complete 18.2 AND 18.2a

Week Two: 18.2 & 18.2a

How fast are you? How strong are you? Let's find out in 12 minutes. This one burns... and  begs for a retest.

What beats a snake onesie? Two tiger onesies! Hayley & Steve won all the spirit points this week with their matching Ultimate spirit animal costumes. 

Will the Mambas turn it around next week with a special show of spirit? Flash mob? Interpretive dance? What's it going to take?


Challenges (2pts) 
Alfredo vs. Nik,
Danny vs. Brian R.
Amy vs. Austin
Max vs. Royal
Rajesh vs. Alex S.
Sunli vs. PJ

In some cases, one athlete won 18.2 and the other won 18.2a. They share a point.
Hayley vs. Whittney
Jason vs. Sean
Mike C. vs. Bernardo


Workout 18.1

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
8 toes-to-bars
10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks
14/12 calorie row

Week One: 18.1

18.1 - the grip killer! Toes to bar, dumbbell hang clean & jerks, and rowing for cals. 20 minutes is a long one - pacing will be key, as well as micro-rests to keep your grip fresh. Make sure your calluses are in order and your gymnastic grips are in your gym bag!

Jeremy from WODwell was in the house on Thursday to take four UB athletes (Bernardo, Gill, Joe, and Mike) through 18.1 for their live streaming 18.1 demo. Congratulations to our brave athletes!

Looks like the Judges Course has been a favorite way to earn points for your House! The Mambas had 100% participation by the cutoff date. BUT - It's not too late. Take the Judges Course today and earn (reduced) points for your team until midnight, Thursday 3/1.