Membership gives you access to all of our classes, and your own Coach Contact - one of our experienced coaches to check in on your progress, help you set goals, and keep you accountable.

Full membership

Full membership grants access to unlimited classes per week as well as access to the gym between class hours.

Limited Membership

Two classes per week - perfect for athletes who are using CrossFit to supplement sport-specific training.

No Contract:

6 Months:

6 Months Up Front:

12 Months:

12 Months Up Front: 

$300 /month

$275 /month

$1,470 - equal to
$245 /month

$245 /month

$2,700 - equal to
$225 /month

No Contract:

6 Months:

6 Months Up Front:

12 Months:

12 Months Up Front: 

$190 /month

$170 /month

$930 - equal to $155 /month

$155 /month

$1,674 - equal to
$140 /month

Athletes with Full Membership can drop into the gym for self-directed, uncoached workouts, mobility work, skill sessions, or just to soak up the smell of rubber & iron between the hours of 8:30am - 4:30pm.

 Athletes on a Limited Membership wanting to take more than 2 classes per week can upgrade their membership, or for shorter durations, pay $25 per extra class or $215 for ten extra classes.

DISCOUNTS: We offer a 10% membership discount to full-time students, full-time fitness instructors, Military personnel, and first responders. Discounts and offers cannot be combined.

CORPORATE PRICING: We offer corporate pricing as well as opportunities for private corporate classes. Contact us to find out more. 

HOLDS & CANCELLATION: You may put your membership on hold if you travel for 2 weeks or more, or if you provide a doctor's note for sickness or injury. Terminated memberships incur a penalty; the penalty is waived only in certain circumstances such as moving residence or termination of employment. See contract for full details.

INJURY & REHABILITATION: If you suffer an injury (inside or outside the gym) you may place your membership on hold until you are able to participate in classes. You may do your physical therapy homework and mobility work at UB between 8:30am - 4:30pm while your membership is on hold.

Per Class Pricing

Single Class Drop-In

For more information about dropping in, click here.

The fee for non-members to drop in is $30. Single class drop-ins are valid 1 year after purchase.

Visiting affiliate owners WOD for free for up to a week. Please bring your business card and we wouldn't say no to a tshirt or two!

10 Class Passes

A pack of 10 classes is $270 for non-members.

10 class passes are valid 1 year after purchase.