Hey Everyone, we are entering our 2nd block of strength programming for the new year. The next 9 weeks will be centered around those navigating the Open. The intensity of the movements are spread out among the week. The days are dictated by the squat. If you come to SWOD and have not done a heavy squat or deadlift for the week, do so. You can mix and match the movements if you are only coming to SWOD once a week...which is a shame, but only you suffer that fate of being weak. Best of luck to those entering the open.

Block 2

Monday 1/29

Heavy Squat
1x5x85% (1RM)
(of the above weight)

Close Grip Bench
3x5x80% (5RM)

Block Pulls (Knees)
3x5x90% (5RM)


Thursday 2/1

Light Squat
2x5 (80% of Heavy Squat)

Push Press
3x5x80% (5RM)

Heavy Deadlift
1x5 (add 5# from last)


Saturday 2/3

Tempo Squat (3-0-3)
5x3x70-75% (3RM)

Heavy Bench
3x5 (add 5# from last)


Strict Dips