Dave Huynh

Dave Huynh

Coach (CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting)

USAW American Open Finals Qualifier

Squat: 365lb

Deadlift: 470lb

Snatch 85kg

C&J: 120kg


CrossFit Level 2 Certification

USAW L2 Certification

USAW Sports Performance Coach

About Coach

I try to be a little better each day at everything I do. When I started my fitness journey my drive to learn led me to certifications and coaching as a way of self improvement. As I got better I was then equipped to pay it forward and help others get better each day.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

CrossFit and Weightlifting taught me how to move well and live healthy. It was a long journey that I wish I had started sooner and struggled less on. I now strive to pass what I’ve learned to others to improve their lives and hopefully learn from some of my mistakes.

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