We're All Winners Here

The Quad Gods arrived on Saturday, raring to go.  They came, they cleaned, they med ball tossed, they wall balled, and they conquered.  The goal was simple - domination + fun.  Six workouts later and they achieved both goals in spades.

Quad Gods

As a spectator, I was proud and inspired to see these four come together and work as a team.  They came in with a great attitude, focused on their game plan never taking themselves too seriously.  (They even made time for awkward "family portraits".)

Watching the Quad Gods, as well as watching team Fancy Pants had me thinking about how important it is to get out there and compete.  Not just once, but often.  Competing will take your game to the next level - both mind and body.  Who's next?

Upcoming UB Community Events

Had fun at the Ultimate Lift Off?  Looking for more UB community events?  Check out what's coming up:

Caffeine and Kilos and the Quad Gods

If you have free time tomorrow, you should check out Coach James and Colleen F. as they team up with Rita Benavidez and Ruben Perez to form team "Quad Gods."  The four will be competing at this Saturday's Caffiene and Kilos team invitational at the McClellan Convention Center.  The day will consist of a CrossFit competition followed by an Oly invitational competition between top lifters in the country.  And did I mention vendors galore?  Come cheer on your coach and fellow athlete and take in what will be a festival of athletic prowess!  Comment or contact me if you plan on attending -- I'll see you there!

C&K Invitational


Coach Wu Seminar

Next weekend United Barbell has teamed up with FuBarbell to bring Wu Chuanfu to the United States in an unprecedented opportunity to learn from and train under the Singapore National Olympic Coach!  Come for either a single day or a full weekend of learning Chinese Olympic lifting concepts and technique!  There are a few spots left - so reserve your space!

Coach Wu Workshops

Can't make the weekend seminar?  Want to still get some insight into the Chinese oly technique?  Next week Coach Wu will be hosting 2 small 2.5 hour seminars during the week to give you a slice of what he will be going over in his seminar.  Tuesday he will be going over the snatch, and Thursday he will review the clean and jerk.  Both days will run at UB from 130-4PM and both sessions will be $120 each.  Space is limited so please email me if you are interested!

Hydrostatic Bodyfat Testing

It's that time again - our awesome friends over at Fitness Wave have scheduled our next hydrostatic bodyfat test visit.  They will be at UNITED BODY on October 17th.  Reserve your space now!

The Weekly Dose of Awesome

It's pretty cool when a couple works out together. I like to call them Power Couples. They motivate each other, and keep each other accountable. This Dose of Awesome's wife has already been an Awesome, and it's high time we complete the set, because this dude is the other side of the totally awesome coin. 

Marc C is a positive guy. I've never heard him once complain about the WOD - he just gets stuck in. You know how some people just really like working out? Not just because it makes them look & feel better, not just to be strong & healthy, but because they physically enjoy it? I get the impression he is that kind of person - and yet I don't hate him ;) His positive attitude and willingness to tackle anything has seen him make steady progress in class.

Marc's the first out the door for the warmup run, and is always supportive to his fellow athletes. He and Michelle were there cheering on the competitors at the Ultimate Lift Off - though I neglected to ask why he wasn't competing himself, I'm sure he had a good reason. Perhaps taking notes for 2015 ULO domination?

Michelle, you better watch out! Marc's got the eye of the tiger!

Michelle, you better watch out! Marc's got the eye of the tiger!

And the Winners Are....

First and foremost I would like to thank all of you who participated in the Ultimate Lift Off this year.  This was our biggest showing of participants, both new and returning.  The energy in the gym was supportive and energetic and everyone seemed to be having a great time.  Those of you who were new to competing showed no fear and went after the barbell like you were old acquaintances.  Those of you returning to the ULO came in with goals and based on all the yellow below (the PRs)... you mostly dominated!  Great work everyone!

ULO Results

And if you haven't figured it out by now, the winners of the day were.....


  1. Colleen F
  2. Hayley B
  3. Nikki S


  1. Jason L
  2. Rich Stone
  3. Marshall Hawks

Congrats to you six!  Your hard work paid off and you inspired us all!  Please make sure to collect your medal and hat when you are next in UB!


Lastly, if you have photos from the day, please send them in!  We are posting our ULO photo album on the blog this weekend. 

Again, great work to all!  Saturday was yet another day that made me proud to be a part of this fantastic community!


Food for Thought: The Whiteboard is Meant to Help not Hurt

So... Tomorrow I will be posting the winners from the 2014 Ultimate Lift Off!  How did watching your fellow athletes in your heat inspire your or intimidate you?  Do you experience the same thing when you walk into the gym every day?  What about when you look at the white board?  Here is a little sports psychology for you from Fletcher Fitness

Fran.    For Time.    Goals.   Top Scores.   Max Reps.   James – 22 ½ rounds. Charts.    WOD.    Rx’d.    Kim -100kg.    6:14. Do the markings on your CrossFit’s whiteboard make you anxious? Amped? Focused? Fearful? Many members dread the whiteboard and many people outside of the CrossFit Community can‘t fathom belonging to a fitness center where their workout outcomes were going to be posted. Whiteboard is simply a name for any glossy surface, most commonly colored white, where non-permanent markings can be made (as defined by Wikipedia).  So why do these WORDS and NUMBERS that are TEMPORARY elicit such a psychological response, and why, oh why, does the CrossFit Community insist on using such a device?

CrossFit was on to something when they decided to utilize the whiteboard. The whiteboard is a type of public posting, which is a technique widely studied in the field of Sports Psychology. Public posting is actually a behavioral strategy that has been shown to improve performance.  “Public posting has demonstrated robust effects across diverse populations, a variety of settings, and a broad range of behaviors” (Ward & Carnes, 2002).  Sound familiar? It seems as though this behavioral strategy and CrossFit have some commonalities.   We CrossFit because we are interested in results. The whiteboard likely improves your results.  Whether you like it or not.

the UB white board

Take a moment to think about each of these questions.

– If everything that you ate in the past week was going to be written on the whiteboard in your box, for everyone to see, do you think you would eat differently?

– If your max overhead squat goal for that month was the only circled one on the whiteboard, do you think you would try harder to achieve it?

– If you saw Jason Khalipa’s WOD score before you began your workout, would that intimidate you and cause feelings of self-doubt?  Or invigorate you to try to compete with it?

The whiteboard may elicit positive psychological responses such as motivation, positive self-criticism, confidence and/or reflection.  On the other hand, it may also evoke negative psychological-responses such as fear, intimidation, negative self-criticism, and/or doubt. Take some time and figure out what type of response you get from certain postings on the whiteboard, even take a few notes in your personal journal.

Awareness is the first step in mental skills training, which is necessary in order to reach the highest level of performance.  Mental skills training is simply a term used to describe becoming aware of your mental processes and behaviors and developing methods to improve your control over them.  Future articles in the CrossFit MENTAL Series will delve into ways to improve control over your mental skills and processes.

Each CrossFitter has a specific and individualized mental skills set and can learn to use a variety of postings to their benefit.  Therefore, I would encourage coaches to vary the types of posts (scores, goals, etc.) on the whiteboard.  Research in the field of Sports Psychology has shown that goal setting is strengthened when publically posted.  Are your goals written on the whiteboard in your box? Try posting a couple of personal goals up there.  Another highly effective strategy in improving performance is combining goal setting, public posting and oral feedback (Brobst & Ward, 2002). This simply means writing your goals on the public white board and having someone orally state what has been posted.

If coaches would continuously verbalize the goals that are written on the whiteboard, it could increase the likelihood of those goals being achieved. These findings are just reinforcing the idea that making goals and scores public can help you improve your performance.

I would suggest using the whiteboard as a tool to learn more about yourself and your mental game. The whiteboard is simply used by the CrossFit Community as an open journal to display information.  It is another distinction that sets us apart from Globo Gyms.  CrossFitters should learn to embrace the whiteboard and all the markings that are temporarily posted on its glossy surface. So, use the whiteboard. Get outside of your comfort zone.  Become comfortable with the uncomfortable. The infamous CrossFit Whiteboard likely enhances your performance more than it hinders it…and by the way, it isn’t going anywhere.