All new athletes must complete an Onramp - for more details please click here.

United Barbell offers two levels of membership - Limited and Full membership.

Both memberships offer access to specialty classes such as SWOD, Olympic Lifting, and CrossFit Level 2 when you have received coach approval or tested into these classes.

Limited membership

Limited membership grants access to two classes per week and is a good choice if you are new to CrossFit. Limited membership is also for athletes who are using CrossFit to supplement sport-specific training.

Full membership

Full membership grants access to unlimited classes per week as well as access to the gym during Unlimited Member Drop In hours for self-directed workouts.

12 Months 6 Months Monthly
Limited Membership $155 per month $170 per month $190 per month

12 Months 6 Months Monthly
Full Membership $245 per month $275 per month $305 per month

Membership does not include seminars, challenges, or events.

PAY UP FRONT: We offer a 10% discount for paying your 12 month membership up front, and a 5% discount for paying your 6 month membership up front.

DISCOUNTS: We offer a 10% membership discount to full-time students, full-time fitness instructors, Military personnel, and first responders. 

CORPORATE PRICING: We offer corporate pricing as well as opportunities for private corporate classes. Contact us to find out more. 

HOLDS & CANCELLATION: You may put your membership on hold if you travel for 2 weeks or more, or if you provide a doctor's note for sickness or injury. We do not allow in-contract downgrades from Full to Limited memberships, but you may upgrade from a Limited to a Full membership at any time. Memberships cannot be cancelled without penalty except for extraordinary circumstances which are stated on your membership contract.

Per Class Pricing

Single Class Drop-In

For more information about dropping in, click here.

The fee for non-members to drop in is $30.  Athletes on a Limited Membership pay $25 for an extra class. Single class drop-ins are valid 1 year after purchase.

Visiting affiliate owners WOD for free for up to a week. Please bring your business card and we wouldn't say no to a tshirt or two!

10 Class Passes

A pack of 10 classes is $275 for non-members. Athletes on a Limited Membership wanting to supplement their classes pay $225 for ten extra classes. 10 class passes are valid 1 year after purchase.